Your fans & friends give you "likes" every day... but what if they could give you something so much more? 

1) Likes & Shares are cheap, Juble it! is a way for people to give you more than a like! 

When appreciation is expressed with more than a like, something tangible - something truly magical happens. When people Juble your content - because they are giving real dollars - they're expressing something far greater than a like or share. 

2) Juble it! is more than just a transaction!

Yes, Juble it! is a fantastic way for you to make extra money. However, it's far more than just a transaction. When people Juble your content, you are getting an incredibly "real" piece of validation that the work you're doing is great. It's one thing for people to tell you that they thought your video was great, but when they Juble it! You know that they really meant it. A whole other level of satisfaction occurs. 


3) People will be excited to give you more than just a like, especially when they know Jubling it! will help you create more great content! 

Your fans and friends will be thrilled when they know that they can express their appreciation with more than just the same. Especially when they realize that Jubling your content will help you on your journey of creating more great content. 

4) Plain and simple: People would love to tip you for your work, but don't have easy ways to... 

Simply put: your fans and friends do not have easy ways to actually tip you. They can like, comment, and share with a click, but giving you a dollar takes way too much time out of their day. Juble it! only takes them three seconds. 

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