If you had a digital tip jar - easily accessible to all of your fans and friends - how much do you think you could reel in?

1) Use Juble it on your latest content so that your fans and friends can easily appreciate you. 

Are you working on a new video that you can't wait to upload to YouTube? Itching to release that new album from your latest photo shoot? Dying to do a livestream of your band's latest song? Have your Juble it! button armed and ready to collect tips after your fans and friends enjoy your latest work! 

2) Use the Juble it button as a call to action!

Think of a prominent way to direct your fans to Juble you! They just watched your video, read your blog post, or heard your latest song, and now they've walked away feeling something. Maybe they want to give back? Some of our taglines include - "Did this blog/video/photo/song inspire you?" Or "Did this story make you laugh?" Or "Did this article save you time or money?" 

"...Then Juble it! to show your appreciation!"

3) Display in a prominent location - such as the footer or header of your blog. 

Where your Juble it! button is located is key. 

It won't be a very effective call to action and it won't function as your digital tip jar if people don't know it's there. 
We suggest placing the Juble it! button in the footer or header of your blog so that they can easily be drawn to Jubling you.

After all, you wouldn't hide the "check out" register of your coffee shop behind the bookshelf where no one can see!

4) Tell your fans and friends to Juble it! (i.e. juble your content) 

This one might seem obvious, but unless you let people know that they have an easy way of giving back to you if they enjoyed your work, they might not have a clue that it's possible! Chances are, if they really enjoy your work, they've wanted to give back for a while, but haven't had an easy way to. 

At the end of your video, in the caption of your post, or somewhere in your article, make sure you tell people to Juble it! if they enjoyed your work and want to give back? 

5) DON'T FORGET TO TELL THEM HOW EASY IT IS TO JUBLE it (seriously, it takes three seconds)! 

This is perhaps one of the biggest things. It only takes three seconds for a fan/patron to Juble your content. Don't forget to tell them how easy it is! This one small thing can make the difference between many of your fans and friends Jubling you, who otherwise wouldn't without a method that's this quick and easy! 

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