Want to build a re-occurring revenue stream for your creative work with Juble it!? Keep the Jubles and the Karma flowing with these tips below! 

1) Communicate and Engage with your fans & friends! 

The first major step towards creating a re-occurring revenue base with Juble it! kills two birds with one stone. By regularly communicating with and engaging with your fans and friends, you will accomplish two things: One, building a more loyal following, and two, keeping them interested in continually giving back to you! Haven't had any action on your posts lately? Reach casually reach out to your followers and let them know you have a new video up! 

2) BE consistent! 

Consistency is key. Posting regularly, in a similar style, in a similar format, or at the same times can help your audience know what to expect. Your audience will regularly check in with you if they know they can count on a video, post, or song every week. This truly has a snowball effect as you get going.

Tip: It's great to mix it up, too! Too much sameness can be a turnoff. ;-)

3) Quality AND QUANTITY! 

We all know to emphasize quality over quantity. However, in the landscape of digital media today, you need both. If you can push yourself to post something new regularly - and often - you will naturally yield more results. The more the merrier! Just make sure not to force it. Again, quality and quantity. 


A P.R. Guru once said - "Never forget to follow-up!" (That wise P.R. Guru was my Mom, but still). The powerful magic of follow-up makes people feel appreciated. It makes people know that you care about them. It reminds them of why they invested time in you in the first place. Follow-up with your fans when they least expect it, and then "wham!" give something back. Be it a free download, a free song, a t-shirt, or even just a sticker. They'll never forget it, we promise! 

Want more tips for keepin' the karma flowin'? 
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