FAQ's | Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for info on how to install the Juble It! button? Click here!

What is a Juble?

A "Juble" is what is exchanged when you Juble it! This happens when you click the Juble Button on a website, or the Juble Link in a post, comment, or profile. Think of Juble as a happy coin... :) When someone juble's a piece of content, they are giving back as little as a dollar to the creator of that content. Juble comes from the word Jubilation. Think of a Juble as an expression of joy or positivity. 

For Creators:

How Do I get paid?

When you sign-up for Juble it!, make sure to fill out your account information in your profile so that we can pay you. Sync up your PayPal, and you're good to go. 

When do I get paid?

You get paid as soon as the person who juble's you has paid their tab. Usually at the end of the month. We give Jublers a few weeks to set up their payment info before we send them a reminder to pay. When they receive their reminder, they have the option to update, add to, or remove any Jubles they made during the month. After that, it's about 3-5 business days for money to be deposited into your account. Minimum amount deposited is $25.


We will take a modest and transparent percentage of 10% (this INCLUDES processing fees). You take home 90% of your Juble after our 10% fees. 

Who gets my Juble?

You do! We bill the fan at the end of the month. You get paid as soon as their payment clears. We take a modest 10% (includes payment fees) of the each Juble. 

How do I get a Juble button on my site or a JUBle link for my social platforms?

For the Juble Button, see the how-to install the button section. You simply copy and paste the Juble it! code into the code of your website or blog.  

For the Juble Link, log into the app and click the crowfunding tool menu. On the Juble Link tab, you enter your URL, attach a picture, and hit GO. You're then given your Juble Link - jubl.it/yourcontent.

Who can Juble It!?

Anyone can Juble it! It only takes three seconds. 

Why should I use Juble it!?

We're glad you asked! We're building a community around the power of giving back. We've also made it much easier for people to give back to creators, and share more than just a like. This is only the beginning! As Juble it! grows, we plan to share all of that great content that people have juble'd into a feed for everyone to enjoy! 

For Fans/Patrons (Jubler's) 

Can I edit my Jubles?

Have a change of heart? See something you don't recognize? Want to give more? No need to fret! Contact us at Support@jubleit.com and we will gladly make it right for you. 

How do I juble it!?

It's so incredibly easy. You click on the button, enter your email, and select the Juble amount (you can give as little as $1). 

When do I pay?

When you Juble it! for the first time, we intentionally do not have you fill out your payment information at the beginning. We send you a reminder - usually around the end of the month - letting you know how many times you Jubled it!. After that, you can fill out your payment info, and you choose, never have to fill it out again. 

Juble Amounts

We make it super easy for you to give back. With easy one click amounts ($1, $5, $10) as well as a "Custom" amount that let's you enter up to $99, you can support your favorite creators in less than three seconds! 

Return Policy

Have a change of heart? See something you don’t recognize? Want to give more?
Don’t fret! Contact us at support@jubleit.com and we will gladly make it right for you by changing it to the amount that you wish or removing it all together.


When you Juble it!, we only send your first name letting the creator know they received a Juble from you. They do not have any other information. 


Messaging is not available at this time.

When you Juble it! Does it REALLY ONLY TAKE three SECONDS?

Yep! We can't believe it, either. It's some kind of Tech Wizardry cooked up by the engineers. 


After you Juble it!, we take a modest 10% (include payment fees) and the rest goes to the creator.