"Jubling Around" at SXSW

This year, we're taking SXSW by storm. 

Our objective? Connect with EVERYONE and soak up all the great energy that the brilliant musicians, creators, and innovators at this year's festival have to offer. 

If you aren't familiar, SXSW (Short for South By Southwest) is kind of a big deal in both the music and tech industries. 
It's like the "Burning Man" of the music and tech world. 

Every year, thousands trek to SXSW to learn about the latest innovations in creative industries, to meet influential people in music and tech, or to showcase their own innovations.

In March, 2018 - Juble it! is showcasing its next-generation crowdfunding tools for creators. Our goal will be to connect more deeply with our core community and more thoroughly understand their needs.

We hope to leave the festival with new insights into the journey and plight of creators. We also hope to sign up as many awesome creators as possible! 

Don't forget to stop by our booth March 11th-14th to say hello, or to hear our Chief Creator Jeremy Gotwals play some guitar. 

Who knows, he might just write a song about you.
On the spot.