Announcing the Juble Link!

Juble it! Founders Paolo Dominguez and Elliott O’Hara launch first-in-market, Short URL for payments at Startup Grind

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The Juble it! team and I are excited to launch our digital media and fintech company and its’ crowdfunding tools for creators at the 2018 Startup Grind Global Conference. We’ve come to Redwood City early and are already enjoying great Asian meals and the hustling energy of Silicon Valley. We’re especially excited for the Startup Grind community to experience our new-to-market Juble Link, a fast and simple-to-use Short URL for payments. With Juble Link, fans can give as little as one dollar in three seconds to their favorite creators from YouTubers and Bloggers to Podcasters, Musicians and more. My team and I know the Juble Link is capable of transforming how creators connect with their audiences. We can’t wait to share it with the thousands of Startup Grind attendees heading this week to Redwood City and all our digital customers beyond. 

My Juble it! team is comprised of musicians, writers and political philosophers, so I know first-hand that creators have a passion for creating beautiful things and sharing them with the world. I’ve also come to learn about the time, money and extra work it takes creators to share their work across social media platforms and how difficult it is to make money from online advertising from big tech companies like YouTube or Facebook. Sure, there are Kickstarter and Patreon but creators don’t want to lift and move their fans away from their own platform and to separate, membership sites. The goal is for the Juble Link to help creators make money and connect with their fans where they know them best – right on their digital home. My co founder and Chief Technical Officer Elliott O’Hara, the Juble it!  team and I believe that if you’re going to tackle a vast problem, you must have an innovative vision and courage to change the digital media landscape. That commitment towards helping creators is a key attribute that makes the Juble Link like no other digital media tool on the web.

Click to support the  one in three fight against cancer.

Click to support the one in three fight against cancer.

To celebrate the Juble Link release at Startup Grind, I’m thrilled to announce the ONE in THREE campaign. The ONE in THREE is a unique opportunity for early Juble it! adopters to donate one dollar in three seconds towards finding a cure to cancer. 

I chose the campaign name ONE in THREE because we recently learned that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer and that cancer has taken the lives of dear family members and friends. It’s also noteworthy that our Startup Grind Global Conference launch coincides with National Cancer Prevention Month.

It’s as if our ONE in THREE campaign was meant to happen. I know Juble it! creators want to make an impact for good with their work. Our ONE in THREE campaign delivers on this civic spirit by giving Juble it! adopters the chance to make a difference by clicking on the Juble Link and giving one dollar in three seconds or less. We're proud to partner with the Cancer Research Institue, a non-profit dedicated to controlling, curing and treating all cancers.. All proceeds will go directly to CRI in their fight to find a cure.

Now, you can understand why my JUBLE IT! Team And I are so excited about being in Redwood City this week for Startup Grind. We’re launching Juble it! We’re debuting the Juble Link. We’re celebrating our launch with the ONE in THREE campaign. 
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