Introducing Referrals - rewards for sharing

At Juble it! we're in the business of letting creators spend more time doing what they love and less time trying to figure out how to make their financial ends they can spend more time doing what they love!

In order for that to happen, we need to spread the word.  Spreading the word about a new idea is sometimes challenging. While Paolo and I live and breath Juble it! every day, most aren't yet aware of the amazing opportunity it is for creators. We have an incredible growing community of Jublers that are helping spread the word, but we need even more help... so we've put together a Referral Program that thanks our existing members and rewards new ones.

Our engineering team has been hard at work building Referrals and we are excited to release it today. Now, when you sign up for an account on Juble it!, you get your own referral link that you can share. If anyone signs up when they follow that link, you are marked as their referrer, and you get 5% of the value of every Juble they receive! Help us help you by spreading the word about Juble it! Imagine being the person who referrers a huge YouTuber! 

Happy Jubling! 


Screen shot of the commissions screen.

Screen shot of the commissions screen.

Have fun!