Featured Creator of the Week - Author Crislyn Easley

Wordsmith. Book Work. Sith Lord. 

Author of the fantasy novel Exillium - and self-described Wordsmith, Bookworm, and Sith Lord, Crislyn crushes the blog-ee-verse covering topics from poetry and fiction, to mental health awareness. 

In addition to fiction, she uses her passion for Mental Health Awareness to transform her thoughts into poetry and introspective monologues. Many of which can be found floating around her social media platforms, as well as the compounds of her anxious brain.

When she isn’t stringing crooked letters into pretty lines, she enjoys listening to music and avenging animals. (Sometimes simultaneously.) The light of her life is a tiny pomchi, named Lilly, who thinks she’s actually a pit bull.

You can check out here blog here, but please don't forget to Juble her below!