Featured Creator of the Week - Author Kristen Martin

Author Kristen Martin brings powerful inspiration for writers, hustlers, girl bosses, and more... 

We were beyond thrilled when Kristen Martin gave us a shout-out on her Instagram! Members of our team had been following her content for a while. When we reached out to her in December, we knew that she was a perfect fit for Juble it! 

Kristen is the author of the sci-series The Alpha Drive - and many other works of fiction. 

In addition to her works of fiction, however, Kristen regularly posts inspiring and engaging content for her fans - helping them along their creative journeys. 

You can check out her video above, which deals with conquering anxiety!

One of the things that we love most about Kristen, however, is how quickly and smoothly she adopted the Juble it mission! She adopted the Juble it short link and started using it right away to engage her fans! If you visit her YouTube or instagram channels, you'll notice she's dropped her Juble it URL right in the description and bio!

If you'd like to Juble Kristen Martin, and support her journey, her very own Juble link is below! 

Juble Author Kristen Martin: