Meet the team! <3 

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Paolo Dominguez


For the past 6 years, Paolo has worked for a large payments company,  Vantiv, where he was VP of Product – Customer Experience. 

In total, he brings over 20 years of cross-disciplinary excellence in Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing, IT, Product, Finance, and Operations. Paolo has raised money for two different startup companies that he owned. He is the recipient of the Rising Tech Star Award for 2017



Elliott O'Hara


Elliot brings 17 years of Software Engineering experience, and experience leading large teams of developers in fast-paced growth environments.

He’s been in the Startup world a long time, was the 4th engineer at RetailMeNot, was present at the Nasdaq when the company went public, and successfully exited. He lives and breathes code - and thrives on building technology that improves people’s lives. 

Jiu Jitsu


Jeremy Gotwals


Jeremy brings 10 yrs of creative direction, design, marketing, public relations, branding, mutlimedia, and entrepreneurial experience.

He has also starred in two shows on MTV Networks - made a brief appearance on American Idol and has performed for global audiences. Jeremy is Founder and CEO of Geronimo, a creative agency, and Holon Publishing, a publishing company that serves authors and artists around the world.

Musician / Author