Finally, Musicians, Photographers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, and artists of all kinds have an easier way to get paid and seen by people everywhere.

Meet some of our featured creators:


California based YouTuber, Photographer, Storyteller, and UX Designer Cielo De La Paz creates for a living. Juble it! is one of many ways that she actively engages her fans. 

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Kristen Martin is the international Amazon bestselling indie author of The Alpha Drive trilogy and the Shadow Crown series, a writing coach, a YouTuber, a podcaster (That Smart Hustle), and an entrepreneur. She prides herself on helping aspiring authors reach their dreams of publication through her coaching program, Valiance, and offers weekly writing advice via her YouTube channel. 


Jeremy Gotwals is a musician, writer, designer, entrepreneur, and multi-media storyteller. Jeremy has performed for the Dalai Lama, opened for John Mellencamp, has appeared on MTV, American Idol, and once lived off of his tips as a musician. Juble it! Provides a smoother way for him to gather tips from his fans around the world. 


Published Poet, Author, and Musician Parker Pickett shares poetry daily on Instagram. He has published two poetry collections and has a small, but dedicated following who loves his poetry. Juble it! provides a way for people who enjoy his poetry to give more than just "likes" for his work. 

With Juble it! your fans can give back in just three easy seconds.


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1. Place the Juble button on your website or paste the JUBLE link in any post, comment or profile 


2. Tell your fans about juble it! and the new way they can support your work. it's much more than a like


3. Get paid when fans click the button or link; they give as little as $1 or as much as they want in three seconds or less

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Juble it! is in Beta. It is free to use. We will take a modest and transparent percentage of 10% (includes payment fees) every time a fan Juble's your content.

Why Juble it!

We're looking for artists and creators of all kinds to become early adopters to help us lead the revolution of helping creators get paid and seen

Want to become a featured creator? Sign-up for free and then tag us in a shout-out on facebook, twitter, or instagram @Jubleit and we'll get in touch! We're looking for active creators who are seeking to monetize their creative work.