Celebrate Great Digital Moments

We are on a journey to make it easy for anyone to celebrate and showcase the things they love on the web by giving something more than a “like”.

The Digital Moment

Were you inspired by the video you just watched? Did the article you just read save you a ton of time or money? Did that content make you to laugh out loud, or bring tears of joy?

These are the moments that we experience on our favorite devices that connect with us on a deeper level; bring us value either physically or emotionally. Sure, we click “like”…but doesn’t it deserve better? Juble it!

How It Works

The Button

Content Creators embed the Juble it! button on their blog, site, etc.

Juble it!

Clicking on the button will celebrate that author and their content by giving them a token ($) of your appreciation and showcasing that content on Jubleit.com.


When you Juble it! you turn your small change ($) into big change for content creators so that they can continue creating content you love!

The Best of the Best

Juble it! is also a social media platform that displays the content that have motivated people to give money. No other social media platform curates such high quality content in this manner.

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